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JEKEEN, business scene creator!
JEKEEN,business scene creator,make your business look better
11 countries gathered in the food, the most authoritative cuisine Association is also tossing olive branch, engage in business!


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No.10689, taixiang street, weicheng economic development zone, weifang city, shandong



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JEKEEN,business scene creator,make your business look better



No.10689, taixiang street, weicheng economic development zone,

weifang city, shandong province.

Professional mobile shop customization.

Three main categories:  Featured Catering Carts, mobile shop, Hotel Caravans. Including catering truck, fruit and vegetable car, Commercial Exhibition Vehicles, merchandise sales car, beauty nail car, film exhibition car, etc.

JEKEEN,business scene creator,make your business look better


In 2016, JEKEEN The first mobile dining car that took over a year of R&D was put on the market, completely changed the industry landscape. Not only redefined the dining car, but also established a new category of “mobile shop”.

More than 100 commercial formats, more than 500 mobile business scenarios... In just three years, JEKEEN has provided products and services to more than 6,000 clients worldwide, and tens of thousands of JEKEEN trucks and products are distributed throughout the country and around the world...

Independent development and research is the core strength. Over 20% of the whole company workers are R&D staff. Every year, we will obtain hundreds of national patents.


From the early market applied research to the continuous test and iteration in the later period, specification is always the research principle that Jekeen adheres to. The Jekeen designers will always tap the potential value for the customers and create more possibilities for the market through the design idea.


All the details like light, audio and technology texture can directly affect consumers' desires and staying time. And the reasonable space design can effectively help customers improve their work efficiency.


Whats more, how to promote the nighttime economy is always the important topic of Jekeen. Not only do we make the lighting design for each product, but also we can supply the solution of the whole project vision. Increasing staying time and stimulating consumption ,we want to create a not stopping format which can run in 24 hours for the city and scenic spot.


From food truck to mobile shops, hotel RVs to landscape facilities, Jekeen launches around 100 new products every year; providing professional products and solutions for urban businesses, specialty towns, rural complexes, caravan camps, and specialty resort hotels. Jekeen has become a popular guide for food trucks, and the name of Jekeen has become synonymous with industry categories.


Jekeen products has been exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea and the Middle East, and have been recognized by the international high-end market. In Istanbul, Turkey, the first overseas factory contracted will be officially launched in 2020. By then, the plant will provide superior service to West Asia and Europe.


In 2017, Jekeen put forward the concept of “light landscape”, advocating low cost, low operating cost, and flexible and differentiated product solutions. In 2019, Jekeen  put forward the concept of “new mobile business format”again, and advocated a mobile solution to form a full commercial format such as catering, shopping, specialty hotels, amusement facilities, and urban landscapes to create a more differentiated business atmosphere.

The three advantages of mobile commerce make it impossible for project customers to refuse:

1. Factory manufacturing. 50-70% lower than the cost of traditional construction scheme;

2. Pipeline production. The speed of project completion is increased by 60-70%, which greatly reduces the cost of capital occupation;


3. Flexible change. Position, combination and appearance can be changed at any time to help customers create a continuous fresh and attractive business environment. 


Everywhere is the background, the studio and the location. JEKEEN has more advantages than other scenarios in terms of its own communication attributes, making use of the existing resources to create user-specific scenarios, attracting consumers to take photos and spread them independently, and greatly reducing the cost of communication.


The 60,000 square meter new intelligent plant is not only the headquarters manufacturing base of JEKEEN, but also the research and development center and data center. JEKEEN will support the R&D, ordering and supply chain system of  JEKEEN worldwide Manufacturing Factory through the independent research and development of intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet system, and provide abundant customization services to users worldwide.


Faced with people's yearning for a better life, JEKEEN shoulders its own social responsibility, which will make the city more beautiful and business more exciting with better products and services.


JEKEEN, business scene creator, make your business look better.