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No.10689, taixiang street, weicheng economic development zone, weifang city, shandong



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JEKEEN, business scene creator!
JEKEEN,business scene creator,make your business look better
11 countries gathered in the food, the most authoritative cuisine Association is also tossing olive branch, engage in business!



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JEKEEN, business scene creator!



No.10689, taixiang street, weicheng economic development zone,

weifang city, shandong province.

Professional mobile shop customization.

Three main categories:  Featured Catering Carts, mobile shop, Hotel Caravans. Including catering truck, fruit and vegetable car, Commercial Exhibition Vehicles, merchandise sales car, beauty nail car, film exhibition car, etc.

JEKEEN, business scene creator!


Everywhere is the background, the studio and the location. JEKEEN has more advantages than other scenarios in terms of its own communication attributes, making use of the existing resources to create user-specific scenarios, attracting consumers to take photos and spread them independently, and greatly reducing the cost of communication.


The 60,000 square meter new intelligent plant is not only the headquarters manufacturing base of JEKEEN, but also the research and development center and data center. JEKEEN will support the R&D, ordering and supply chain system of  JEKEEN worldwide Manufacturing Factory through the independent research and development of intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet system, and provide abundant customization services to users worldwide.


Faced with people's yearning for a better life, JEKEEN shoulders its own social responsibility, which will make the city more beautiful and business more exciting with better products and services.


JEKEEN, business scene creator, make your business look better.